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March 22, 2003

Funny, but un-PC

I've gotten mostly positive response (one negative) from forwarding this URL: http://www.tardblog.com.

Thanks to Jacqueline for pointing me in the right direction.

Posted by razib at 03:18 AM

The Raving Atheist has had "the tard blog" up on his "blogs by atheists" section for months. I was curious why, since I haven't seen a mention of atheism on that site; maybe he's just assuming that you would have to reject all that is holy before you could do what that site does.

Posted by: Jason M. at March 22, 2003 06:19 AM

I've finally understood the philosopy of GNXP.. it is ok to be disparaging about blacks (one undeleted comment on this blog was: blacks = ugly), it is ok to make fun of retarded children... but dare anyone say anything negative about whites or speak negatively about anti-multiculturalist whites... then Jason Soon will come down your trail telling you that such comments tend to enrage whites... and someone will delete your comments from the blog... (only to leave Godless Capitalist vainly trying to defend those deleted comments)...

Posted by: asian dude (remember me?) at March 22, 2003 10:43 AM

i just realized there are 2 Jasons on this blog.. so i'm not sure which one comes down on your trail to tell you that it is not proper to enrage whites by criticizing the philosophy of "america is for whites" whites like Kevin MacDonald..

Posted by: asian dude at March 22, 2003 11:35 AM

Making fun of the kids? You're kidding, right? It's the parents that give this blog its name.

Posted by: Thrasymachus at March 22, 2003 12:39 PM

uh, for what it's worth, i used to point out all the stupid shit ppl in the third world did. the malawi murders of "vampires" and the chaos in bombay caused by the "monkey man" are good examples. americans are dumb as rocks, but geniuses compared to some of the wretched of the earth. not like they can help it too much with the situation they are in, but it is still hilarious. (the monkey man caused the deaths of several old men from heart attacks as well as one man jumping off a roof in terror)

Posted by: razib at March 22, 2003 01:28 PM

PS-and you try to run a blog like this. i don't remember your posts too well, but you weren't exactly the picture of rationality from what i recall. it was jason m. btw. and if you think we defend "white supremacists," well, have you been following the jewish threads? or just reading the first thing that's pissing you off.

Posted by: razib at March 22, 2003 01:34 PM

Asian Dude - don't invoke my name in vain. You mean Jason M. I'm the one who make anti-cracker comments at any opportunity.

Posted by: Jason Soon at March 22, 2003 02:18 PM

"it is ok to be disparaging about blacks (one undeleted comment on this blog was: blacks = ugly), it is ok to make fun of retarded children... but dare anyone say anything negative about whites or speak negatively about anti-multiculturalist whites"

This statement is absolutely false. razib DID come down on Oleg for saying "black=ugly", and gave perfect indication that it was NOT "OK" behavior for this blog:

"i think we can all agree that different individuals have different tastes. you're free to have/express you opinion-but show a little sensativity"

And Furthermore I even challanged making fun of retarded people once here too:

"Everyone knew that this kid was incapable, and that his accomplishment was empty, they just wanted to do something special for someone who was disadvantaged, because they knew it would mean something real to him.

In other words, all the actors in this story agreed to give this guy some happiness, at no expense to the game or the true accomplishments of others. Is there really any room to complain?"

(note: I don't think godless did anything wrong, I think he has a spotless track record)

And godless is correct AD, I didn't start deleting comments in the thread of which you speak until:

A)Kevin MacDonald showed up (which I thought was a rare treat for our humble blog, seeing how he doesn't show up at all those 1000s of white nationalist sites where they virtually worship him).

and B) you, unadorned, oleg, and jdt started a useless insult war. (I deleted insult-filled comments from all four of you)

Perhaps if KMD didn't show up I wouldn't have deleted the seven or so hate-filled, completely useless exchanges (it was the first time I have done such a thing). But I didn't want to look like usenet which we never are. you guys were setting a new, lower, standard and at the worst possible time.

As for your first comment on the thread in question AD, godless is correct, you didn't do anything wrong, it was unadorned who brought racial insults into the picture which was completely offensive and unexceptable. I do think your comment was worded in such a way to make it look like you thought minorities should compete as groups against whites as a percieved group. Unadorned, oleg, and jdt did too, and as such you were playing into their (jdt and oleg at least) and KMDs hands, in voicing what they see as the REAL purpose of immigration: ethnic blocs of power hostile to white people (and orhestrated by you-know-who).

I'm not sure if you intended that, but that's how it looked in context IMO. Personally I think a better way to phrase it is that you were glad America would design their immigration system so it became based, more so, on merit rather than race, so perhaps deserving people such as (your parents?) could live the American dream. :)

That's just my 2c AD. You are certainly welcome on this blog, and if I (or the blog in general)act in any such way that you feel is offensive to Asians (or anyone in general), I would like to hear it and talk about it. My Email is always on my name, go ahead and drop me a line. I hope GnXp can be a place where no topic is beyond question or can be expressed civily, but where a broad sample of people can feel comfortable and uncencored expressing their opinion, even if others passionately disagree.

Posted by: Jason M. at March 22, 2003 03:03 PM

Hey- where's the html!

Razib says "black=ugly" is the wrong way to express opinions:


Defense of handicapped (comment box):


Posted by: Jason M. at March 22, 2003 03:09 PM

"it is not proper to enrage whites by criticizing the philosophy of "america is for whites" whites like Kevin MacDonald.."

Asian Dude you really do not understand me. I passionetely do NOT believe America should be a place only for whites, and I have criticized the philosophy that it is:


I criticized you for (what looked like) supporting the notion of counscious ethnic based competition which I do NOT support. (even if that is how you feel, I didn't and wouldn't delete that comment and I only respectfully disagreed)

I also have criticized the notion that not agreeing with the "proposition nation" is necessarily hateful or fundamentally irrational.

"but dare anyone say anything negative about whites or speak negatively about anti-multiculturalist whites"

I don't know what you mean by "Multi-culturalism", but I probably support it but with many conditions. Feel free to criticize any philosophy you like.

Criticizing white people, or any other group is ok here if it is done tactfully (no "white=ugly/stupid" etc.) and rationally.

Posted by: Jason M. at March 22, 2003 03:34 PM

juan made a statement about black chix too, and i let that pass. partly it was cuz he added that it was just his opinion i believe. but also there were so many comments and i was busy at the time.

if ppl think we're a white supremacist blog, or a jewish-controlled blog, or a racist blog, or a warblog, or blah, blah, blah just don't read and don't visit us. there's always someone to criticize-but its hard to keep a frank & honest discussion going & still keep up the level of civility.

for the record, some people have also questioned whether i accept the proposition nation hypothesis and am hostile to a white ethno-state. you can never win (i try to be balanced on this issue, both proposition nation and racial nation seems excessively axiomatic to me)....

godless is right, i am lasseiz-faire in my attitude toward comments. and there is a reason, there are those like zizka who disagree with us a fair amount, but still make a pretty good contribution to the discourse. we aren't running a religious site with a dogma here, this is about how we see the world, filtered through our personal values & judgements. it's good to have different opinions. but this griping is just bullshit. it sure as hell makes the blog less enjoyable.

finally, as for the idea that i accept "white supremacist ideas." there are two major points here.

for historical and cultural reasons attitudes towards an assertion of white consciousness is frowned upon. but i can't tell you how many fucking times i've heard chinese people, in public, semi-public and private crow about how they are going to rule the world and shit on the white man's face. as a dark-skinned person, i'm not too excited by yellow rule. many chinese intellectuals were fellow-travellers with white nationalists and racialists in the early 20th century in decrying the "dark races" as savage and without civilizable traits. that includes brown people too though they generally had southeast asians in mind. if i had to pick between euro rule and chinese rule, i'd rather pick euro rule. northern eurasians might have a higher average IQ than southern eurasians, but at least the euros now have a tradition of liberalism that would allow people to be judged as individuals. taiwan is developing one, but the rest of the han world seems a bit behind in that regard. the double-standard for white vs. non-white is getting ridiculous, within our lifetime, we will see a rough parity of power between china and the united states (the US might still be more powerful, but china will be within spitting distance and probably be as much of a threat as the soviet union was). china is clearly imagined as an ethno-state for the han people-why else would they be clear that the non-han inhabitants of hong kong (europeans and indians) would not become chinese citizens? in that sort of world, i can understand why some european peoples would like to preserve their own culture & race in the face of multiculturalism and demographic inundation.

i don't agree with the way they want to execute this project for clear & obvious reasons. i might like fucking white people, but i am not in any hurry to get fucked over by them. if a race war does occur, be assured i know what side i'd be on. i would head straight south for california. irrational hatreds brook no individual distinctions, we would all be members of groups, and i'd be screwed if i tried to open my mouth about idiotic shit like liberalism. i obviously don't want it to get that far. though there is a mild racialist tinge among some white people, from personal experience, i feel that non-whites in this country are actually much more race conscious, and are feeding the fire of white racialism with their triumphalism about "the browning of america." in 1969 the malays went on an orgy of violence against the chinese, and later indians, because they were almost a minority in "their own country." the situation is not analogous on many points, but race matters for most people, a hell of a lot more than it does for me. i want to give voice and space to those for who it does matter, while preserving a space for those of us who are more defined by our ideas and confessional affiliations.

anyway, i'll explicate my views more later on. but i try to judge everyone by equal standards, so as long as people that argue for a white national state are civil about it, i let it go. there are plenty of people that seem to be enthusiastic about the fact that white people will become a minority. many are whites who want it for utopian reasons. but the non-whites that talk about it quite often scare me, because they talk in terms of pay-back. and we can never move together into the future until we demphasize the past (there is blood on all our hands if the sins of the father pass on to the sons).

Posted by: razib at March 22, 2003 04:47 PM

Great, as if everyone here didn't think I was a heartless bitch enough already... :)

Posted by: Jacqueline at March 24, 2003 02:29 AM

The Tard Blog is on my atheist list because of this post refering to the writer's "atheist principles."

Posted by: The Raving Atheist at March 26, 2003 07:05 AM