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April 02, 2003

Sexual selection at work

DP has a post up that references Dr. Mark Shriver's work that indicates that "European ancestry explains about 20% of the variance in pigmentation in African Americans." I guess that the effect of several generations of yellow-loving men and the resultant assortive mating is more important that quotients of descent-something not as surprising in light of the study that indicated a decoupling of racial phenotype from lineage ancestry in Brazil [1].

[1] Please see Interracial Intimacies for a review of the black American male love of "yellow women," in other words, light skinned females, often termed high yella in the slang.

Posted by razib at 02:58 AM

I think we should observe what is taking place in interracial relations now if we want to properly understand how hybrid races were formed in humanity's evolutionary past. In general, I think that positive sexual selection for esthetic prototypes has played a major role in the creation of the living races.

Posted by: Dienekes at April 2, 2003 03:28 AM

Is this a picture of Jennifer Beals? What's her genotype?

Posted by: js at April 2, 2003 04:05 PM

yes-she's biracial, black dad, white mom. unless her dad is very light-skinned, she seems to gotten most of her expressed "looks" genes from her mom....

Posted by: razib at April 2, 2003 05:32 PM