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January 03, 2003


I'm channeling the ghost-of-Joel here (from an article in the NY TIMES):

The industry association is trying to persuade European Union countries to extend copyright terms. Meanwhile, Mr. Turkewitz said, "we will try to get these products blocked," arguing that customs agents "have the authority to seize these European recordings even in the absence of an injunction brought by the copyright owners."

The RIAA tries to use righteous interpretations of the "law" when it favors them, and attempts to change the law (or erect a customs barrier) when it doesn't. I understand that this is their bread & butter-so of course they'll fight for it, but they should drop the schtick about principle and just admit that it's a dog-eat-dog Darwinian fight for survival against the odds of history (we all go extinct at some point).

Posted by razib at 04:25 PM

Even if there is legal success against agents like KazaA or Morpheus in this country, how on Earth is the RIAA going to fight p2p in outside poorer countries that have better things to do with their time and money than prevent file swapping?

Posted by: -R at January 3, 2003 06:55 PM