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January 12, 2003

Christianity & Civility

John Ray is having an excellent exchange on Christianity with the rest of the blogosphere-and as a fellow non-Leftist and one of irreligious inclination, I sympathize with his position. Jason Soon is right-Northeast Asians are almost certainly the most irreligious people in the world. Even in the United States, 20-25% of "Asian Americans" (which includes many South & Southeast Asians that would almost certainly give a religious preference) do not have a religion, compared to 10-15% among the general population. In places like London, the white population is very irreligious, while Christianity is seen as a non-white, in particular Afro-British, thing. See the statistics in the chart below to illustrate the faith's salubrious effect....

Posted by razib at 03:10 AM

FYI: The enrollment of the Church of England in London has risen by 60% in the past decade, largely because it has been infiltrated by "happy-clappy" evangelicals.

The C of E is often thought to have become moribund in the capital, but other varieties of evangelism such as house churches and small independent congregations are also growing- like wildfire.

The idea that Christianity in London ain't nuttin' but a black thang is, I fear, one more of the many superstitions with which rationalists console themselves for their lack of salience. "Tomorrow the world!" But never quite today for the godless, raking sadly over the rags and tatters of their late-19th century scientistic delusions.

Fiat lux!

Posted by: WJ Phillips at January 12, 2003 04:12 AM

yes, it has risen. see:

but you fail to mention the low base-it's still 2.85 million on Christmas! out of a nation of 60 million, of which, the majority are nominally historically associated with the church.

also, my assertion that it was a "black thing" was based on the book THE NEXT CHRISTENDOM by religious scholar philip jenkins.
(it jives with personal experience, but i'm not british, so i can't appeal to anecdote too much)

Posted by: razib at January 12, 2003 12:26 PM