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January 13, 2003

There Are No Illegitimate Children, Just Illegitimate Feminists

Today, Steve Sailer asks this question:
"Why did "widows with children" become "single mothers?" There used to be a hierarchy of respect and sympathy for young mothers without husbands: widows were at the top, divorcees in the middle, and never married single mothers at the bottom. Now, even widows call themselves "single mothers." Is society better off because of this? Let's be frank: women who have children without a husband are harming society. Why should they be treated as sympathetically as a mother whose husband has died?"

I once told Razib that Sailer educated me far more than my classes have. But if I've learned anything useful studying English, it's been how to handle any feminist, on any campus, by noting the similarities in their education, tastes, and philosophy.

One of feminsts' major goals is not to hurt the feelings of women. Well, not women at large as Christina Hoff Sommers can attest, but women with the right sympathies. The single mother hierarchy is rather reminiscent of high school hierarchy, e.g. the girls who got along best with boys were on top. This causes horrifying flashbacks for the feminists who were on the bottom of this totem pole (so was I, but I grew up and got a life). Out of their own immaturity, as well as misguided sympathy and empathy, they smashed these hierarchies to improve the self-esteem women who have illegitimate children.

These are dully materialistic people who see things in terms of victims and victimizers, rather like ignorant anti-Americans who argue moral equivalence attack on the World Trade Center and bombing accidents like the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Goals, plans, and the moral importance of individual choices and motivations are unknown in this flat, monochrome worldview that sees effect but is so uninterested in the individual that it can't be bothered to distinguish between ethical and unethical causes.

Another covert cause is to protect the feelings of black women. 69% of black children are illegitimate.. Even though illegitimacy occurs at all levels of society, it is most common among blacks. To an extent, tolerance of illegitimacy is simply an extension of our attitude regarding other largely black pathologies that white liberals admonish everyone to politely ignore.

P.S. Dennis Prager has an insightful article on this subject. As usual it fails to mention race, but still a good read.

Posted by duende at 04:04 PM

Duende, this link may work better: http://www.townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/dp20020814.shtml

Posted by: Brandy at January 13, 2003 05:51 PM

>Let's be frank: women who have children >without a husband are harming society.

I just read Judith Rich Harris' "The Nurture Assumption", and she provides a lot of evidence that parenting styles are pretty irrelevant in determining how children come out, and that studies which purport to show that parents make a difference are actually just showing contributions from genes. Harris is not a genetic determinist, but she suggests that peer groups are the important environmental factor in shaping personality/intelligence, not parents. If single mothers raise children that are more likely to have "society-harming" traits, it's probably because they are more likely to have genes for these traits, so you wouldn't help society by encouraging them to get married (although you might help society by encouraging them to avoid unplanned pregnancies).

Posted by: Jesse at January 18, 2003 08:47 PM