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January 15, 2003

The Content of My Character, or of My Nuclei?

Fascinating article over at Frontpage. Just a few notes:

"To the racist, the individual's moral and intellectual character is the product, not of his own choices, but of the genes he shares with all others of his race."

By "intellectual character" I think that he means preferences, say, of Toni Morrison over Joyce Carol Oates. He skirts the IQ question, but also postulates this:

"This philosophy is why racial division is growing at our colleges. The segregated dormitories, the segregated cafeterias, the segregated fraternities—these all exist, not in spite of the commitment to "diversity," but because of it. "

I agree that constant preaching of diversity and identity politics can increase self-segregation, but the author doesn't seem to note that many people self-segregate on their own, without any prompting from Diversity Consultants. Interesting article, otherwise, though I must quibble with his use of "skin color" as a synonym for race. By that method Gong Li and I are the same race, at least when she stays out of the sun.

Posted by duende at 10:37 AM