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January 28, 2003

Lest darkness fall....

Rioting in Ivory Coast because the French brokered peace. What more can I say? The Arabs are clever enough to be dangerous to the rest of us, but the Africans, alas, only they need fear their fever dreams and hauntings. France is the last of Africa's Romes. Will an Arthur arise when the legions leave the dark continent to its own wild splendor? Ah, but Arthur fell, never to return, no matter what is whispered in the epics past. The Saxons, Angles and Jutes come, and the black night of paganism will cloak the land....

No doubt the Pope in Rome will pray for the Christians who will suffer barbarism in the ages to come just as he did in ages past.

Posted by razib at 03:17 AM

The price the French pay for their unilateral actions.

Seriously. I think it's time for another Congress of (Berlin?) where we redraw the borders of Africa. Let's all admit that it was a mistake to draw them the way the Europeans did 120 years ago, and figure out something that makes sense.


Posted by: David at January 28, 2003 10:22 AM

Furthermore, that "peace plan" by the Froggies is a sham--they're giving away half the government to the rebels. Like that'll work--it's just a recipe for a longer and bloodier civil war next year.

The Ivoirians actually had a real elected president who should be supported by the West, including the pantywaisted State Department (which supposedly supports the Frog accord). The people were at the US Embassy in a pro-US, anti-French rally.

I say we support the people and the elected government. Screw the Frogs.

Posted by: David at January 28, 2003 11:25 AM


i have as much a french aversion as anyone, but anyone that looks into will know that the rebels, especially the northern ones, have a legit beef. the southern christians have been keeping a monopoly on the government and disenfanchising northerners who might have ties to burkina faso. the problem is that the christian south is probably outnumbered, but like the maronites in lebanon want to keep power to themselves despite demographic trends that don't favor them.

the best solution i think is this: slice up the country into a northern muslim part, a western part that is ethnically more like liberia, and the southeastern region where most of the economic and politic elite resides. THEN, slice each one of another 3 three times just for good measure :)

Posted by: razib at January 28, 2003 06:01 PM