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February 09, 2003

Some red meat

This review article in Nature is titled Genetics, genes, genomics and g. It's by Robert Plomin, who you can find on the H.B.D.roll to the left. I won't quote any snippets, the whole thing is a must read, twice or perhaps even thrice.

Posted by razib at 09:53 PM

The thing I find interesting is that there's no obvious single SNP or gene that's strongly correlated with g. It seems pretty clear that building a high-functioning brain is a really hard problem even for Mother Nature - it evidently requires tweaking hundreds of different settings in just the right way.
The article is good, but ends up being more a summary of the difficulty of the analysis than an announcement of any significant advance.

Posted by: bbartlog at February 10, 2003 01:09 PM