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February 12, 2003

The science of kissing

I want this researchers job.. the guy spends two and a half years hanging around seedy and not-so-seedy places watching people kiss..! On second thoughts, maybe not. Imagine the pent-up frustrations, the high cost of hotel porn..?

But that's not what I found interesting about his research. It was the implication that the less passionate the kiss, the more culturally influenced it was. Conversely, the more passionate the kissing act, the more primal and less culturally dependant.. seems rather obvious when you think about it. It also made me wonder if there were anyrelated emperical studies done on the cultural drivers for "social kissing" - pecks on the cheek, kissing the hand, forehead, nose, etc..? Is the existence of a large and elaborate "social kissing" ettiquette indicative of discomfort with its more primal cousin..?

Something guaranteed to completely mess up your Valentine's day date!

Posted by suman at 12:42 PM