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February 15, 2003

Realism from Milwaukee

The Milwaukee County sheriff is under assault from the usual guilty white liberals and "black community leaders" for speaking the truth.

The controversy began last month after 24-year-old Lamarr Nash stole a truck and led deputies on a high-speed freeway chase. It ended after the truck collided with a squad car. Mr. Nash gave up and lay on the ground, where, as a TV-station videotape showed, a deputy briefly put his foot on the suspect's neck. Sheriff Clarke conceded that his office "does not teach" that technique but said that its use wasn't unreasonable, given the circumstances. Prosecutors in two counties agreed that the police broke no laws during the chase or after it."
The inevitable "community meeting" followed.
"Sheriff Clarke asked how many believed the deputy involved was racist. Nearly every hand went up. Mr. Clarke then displayed a photograph of the deputy--who was black. Many in the crowd remained angry, with Judge Stamper responding that blacks can develop racist attitudes of superiority."
Note the Judge's statement. I bet this is a guy who has also said blacks cannot be racist because they're black and oppressed...a common idea infecting college campuses and other strongholds of idiocy.

On talk radio...two days later...an email from the sheriff was read...
"Mr. Clarke said that he had sat through the meeting "in utter disbelief and disgust" as black leaders talked as if Mr. Nash "was some sort of icon in the struggle to achieve equality" and "as if Jim Crow laws and a return to the back of the bus lurk right around the corner." Sheriff Clarke wrote that this "adopting of victimhood as an identity and exaggerating it" only "gives failure, lack of effort and criminality a tacit stamp of approval." He urged people not to listen to a "false message put out by a few demagogues.'"

He has also been under fire for using "Ceasefire," a Clinton program to reduce gun violence by prosecuting gun-toting convicted felons. Of course since blacks are disproportionately represented in the felonious population, it must be racist to enforce this law. Silly.

Clarke will likely never be forgiven for this bit of realism: "The majority of people arrested for violent crimes, they're black males. Why should we kid ourselves? . . . They're ravaging the lives of other black individuals."

Furthermore, he states he and others from the black community agree that "our community will only be strong if we reject low expectations and failure on everyone's part."

Amen my brother.

(from the blogger who's the former resident of Milwaukee)

Posted by razib at 07:04 PM