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February 16, 2003

New news about old news + Sailer Sunday

Sometime in the past 100,000 years man became man-the modern panoply of traits that we associate with "culture" seem to have developed. This article posits a possible genetic reason for man's cultural explosion (nothing new if you've followed the travails of the fox2p gene):

"I think there was a biological change, a genetic mutation that promoted the fully modern ability to create and innovate,'' Professor Klein said. "Suddenly, modern-looking people began to behave in a modern way, producing art and jewellery and doing a variety of other things they hadn't done before.''

Please note that some anthropologists dispute the simplistic Out-of-Africa thesis (one expansion from one population that scattered across non-Africa), and Dr. Henry Harpending brings a up very interesting point: the technology associated with "modern humans" in their expansion out of Africa into Eurasia ("mode 4") is not found amongst the first settlers of Australia, and we know Australians have languages that no doubt fit the Chomskyian paradigm (a linguist can correct me here).

Also, on a slightly different tack on the "Out of Africa" question, check out Steve Sailer's column up over at VDARE that starts off with Randall Kennedy's new book Interracial Intimacies. OK, more than slightly different....

Posted by razib at 05:58 PM

Okay, the Steve Sailer article says this:

Randall Kennedy is an African-American professor at Yale Law School...

Where the words "Yale Law School" link to a page at... Harvard? Am I missing something?

Posted by: Oleg at February 16, 2003 08:34 PM

The Australian Aborigines are the best of much evidence that disputes the Out Of Africa thesis. The best evidence, is that Aborigines are a trihybrid race, as suggested by Tindale and Birdsell in the 1940s. The first migration, was Negrito,some 60 K years ago or earlier, the remnants of this ancient migration remained in North Queensland even into the 20th century.


A later migration, called by Birdsell and Tindale, the Murryians, was a more primitive hominoid,the Kow Swamp variety, whose morphology is far closer to Homo Erectus than Homo Sapien, and would be classified as such but for the age as recent as 10000 years ago. The Kow Swamp type can be seen to have developed from Homo Erectus in Java, of which examples in Ngandong have been dated as late as 30000 years ago or even more recent.

Check out this startling link. It is a must see.


The last migration was more advanced possibly from an Indian region(Part Caucasoid). This is when the Dingo was introduced and tools and other technology advanced greatly. The Tasmanian Aborigines cut off from the mainland, did not received this influx, and so remained part Negrito and Kow Swamp type (Homo Erectus that had hybridized with more advanced types either in Java or Australia or both, but still very primitive morphology). The Erectile features that are strongly evident in Kow Swamp variety and to a lesser degree in Tasmanians, can be still seen in Modern Aborigines.

Posted by: Dan at February 17, 2003 05:06 AM

Dan is on the ball with the trihybrid theory about Oz blacks. He might find a kindred spirit via this link:


But dinna fash about whether Chomskyan linguistics fit in. There is a view now that his linguistics are as bad as his politics.

Marc Miyake is often on that theme. See


Posted by: John Ray at February 17, 2003 05:21 PM

Thanks John, I checked out your link

Posted by: Dan at February 17, 2003 08:22 PM