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March 16, 2003

New blog

Welcome Dienekes' blog to the HBD permlinks to the left....

Posted by razib at 06:53 PM

In many ways this looks like a sister-blog, but it doesn't have nutty politics does it? I don't know how you feel about that kind of stuff. I assumed you took down Chris Brand's blog, despite the fact that he's a genius and gave out all kinds of props to GnXp on his website, b/c you fancied him as kind of negative on blacks.

Posted by: Jason Malloy at March 16, 2003 07:59 PM

well, to be the pot calling the kettle black but chris can be a little redundant :) and yes-the tone is a little too negative for my taste-though it is more a dispute over style than substance for sure....

Posted by: razib at March 16, 2003 08:36 PM

ah, fuck peecee, i've added g factor to the permlinks again....

Posted by: razib at March 16, 2003 08:57 PM

There ought to be an apostrophe on "Dienekes' Blog" in the links section. Just letting you know.

Posted by: Oleg at March 17, 2003 01:01 AM