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March 21, 2003

The Moron Majority

Charles Murtaugh comments on the "Moron Majority":

It is interesting that Rall, a liberal, is willing to be so open with his contempt for the average American. (Or, as a politico would put it, America's working men and women.) It raises a more generally-interesting question, of what obligation the non-moron elite owes to the moron majority. After all, most of our entitlement dollars go to supporting -- placating? -- that majority. What idiot doesn't plan for his own retirement? Oh, yeah, that would be most of the country. What kind of fool hasn't learned to read by the time they get out of high school? What kind of mouth-breather hasn't figured out that they would be better off saving money than gambling it in the lottery? Um, well, let's not go there: better not to alienate too much of the Democratic base.

1) A lot of the "Morons" have college educations-these aren't "working Americans" as working class.

2) The Morons are Left, Right and Center, stupidity has no political affiliation, really!

Posted by razib at 10:03 AM