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June 06, 2003

Deutsche Juden!

Jews are returning to Germany! One thing that the writer notes is that most are on welfare because they can't speak German, but an influx of Jewish immigrants is almost certainly a net long term positive economically as their German fluent children will ascend into the professions (many of the immigrants are mathematicians). For some reason the article seems to underemphasize the fact that some on the Christian Right (CDU, CSU) have been grumbling that there are too many Jews in Germany and that "enough is enough."

Too bad the Germans didn't have that attitude, that enough is enough, between 1940-1945.....

Posted by razib at 08:39 AM

That story was a yawner. These Jews are culturally completely Russian. The sitch is totally different from the pre-war years, when you had an interesting & explosive situation of settled, assimilated German Jews, who were in a process of leaving the community more or less, but whose numbers were constantly being enriched by a steady stream of Jews from the east. In this case you've just got Russians of Jewish origin who are moving to Germany. They'll soon assimilate.

Posted by: Diana at June 6, 2003 09:46 AM

The geographical shifts and reconcontrations of the Jewish diaspora of late are interesting--very rapid growth in Germany, relatively rapid growth in Israel, moderate growth in Canada, stability with some assimilation in France, Russia, and the United States, and declines of various speed everywhere else.

Posted by: Randy McDonald at June 6, 2003 09:52 AM

That's 'Deutsche Juden'.
I didn't see any mention at all in the article of grumbling against the Jewish immigrants. I suppose that's a kind of underemphasis, but do you have a separate source for that? Not that it would surprise me given that 2/3 of them are on welfare - I don't think the US has any immigrant group with a comparable rate. Of course Germany has crazy generous social programs, so it's no wonder people want to settle there.
And as regards 'enough is enough...': ever heard of the White Rose? Or how about this: http://www.joric.com/Conspiracy/Center.htm

Posted by: bbartlog at June 6, 2003 12:28 PM

my source is the economist a few years back. not a big upwelling-but some CSU people were starting to get concerned with the open-door policy toward jews.

fixed spelling.

Posted by: razib at June 6, 2003 01:03 PM