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June 14, 2003

Love & arranged marriage

Zack Ajmal has a great post on arranged marriage and all that jazz.

On an aside, I think arranged marriages tend to be a trait of dense agricultural societies, which means most of written history. Studies, from what I know, of hunter-gatherer peoples indicate a more chaotic and free-form attitude toward love & marriage, perhaps explaining the tumult that is the characteristic of human relationships [1].

On a related note I got this email this week:

First, I think that I have brought up the need for serious cost-benefits analysis of the effect of biological honesty on a multi-ethnic society.

Second, and more practically, your discussion of the poor marital prospects of dark-skinned subcontinental women drew my attention. From what I have read, arranged marriages are actually rather successful on average. I know two or three semi-ascetic men who simply find the American dating scene too painful, time-consuming, and banal for them to put in the effort. I suspect that many of them could recieve substantial psychological and economic benefits from marrying any submissive, hard-working, high IQ, english speaker. In the process, they would improve the economy and gene-pool of the US and provide a major life-opportunity for someone who might otherwise have poor marriage prospects. Do you think that this would be a realistic, low-effort endeavor? Do you think that I should encourage my friends to consider this possibility. How would you recommend I sell a suggestion like this? In return for any assistance, if this works out I'll be on the lookout for smart pretty blonds who like your appearance and writing (post a photo of yourself) :-).

I suggest a brown matrimonial site (Warning! Brown chicks are short). Oh, and as I told my correspondent the last service will not be necessary.

P.S. - Did anyone else find the relationship between the dirty Irish coach and the brown chick in Bend it Like Beckham creepy? They especially didn't depict brown guys very well (the one cool brown guy is gay!).

[1] If our evolutionary heritage involved a long period of patrilocal & patriarchal systems where women were kept sequestered from the general male population I wonder if jealousy would be as much of a factor in the male psyche since he would have to worry less about other men cuckolding him. In fact in societies where women are cloistered the men doing the cuckolding are even likely to be near blood relatives, reducing the genetic cost of such acts to the legitimate husband.

Posted by razib at 12:32 PM

I haven't been to this blog for a few months, so I don't understand what the point is about warning that "brown" chicks are short. Please explain.

Posted by: Brian at June 15, 2003 01:50 PM

jus' saying if you like someone over 5'5 you have to look hard. nothing between the lines.

Posted by: razib at June 15, 2003 01:57 PM

Slightly off topic here, but has anyone checked out the poster for Charlie's Angels? Note the relative heights of Diaz, Barrymore and Liu. Diaz is of course very tall (we knew that) but Liu, who is standing to the right of Diaz from the viewer's perspective, is wearing 5" heels, and is still at least 6" shorter than Diaz. That would make her less than 5 feet tall! She is really one short girl.

Posted by: Diana at June 15, 2003 07:14 PM

she is listed as 5'3 on the IMDB. my experience from the one actress who i've seen in person a few times + judging from the listed heights and how they look in movies is that actors/actresses seem to upscale their height 2 inches from their real height. so she's prolly around 5 even.

Posted by: razib at June 15, 2003 09:38 PM

Razib: Yes, they always exaggerate, unless they are 5'10 or above, in which case they are honest. Even Julia Roberts exaggerates, saying she is 5'9. She's 5'8, which is tall, but not tall enough.

Posted by: Diana at June 16, 2003 01:25 PM

That Irish coach was fit. Methinks you're jealous :p

Posted by: duende at June 16, 2003 01:27 PM

The relationship between the coach and Jasminder did not bother me. However, I was a bit unnerved to learn that parminder Nagra, the actress playing Jasminder, is 27 years old, while her character was 10 years younger. Why is it that so many filmmakers want to find adults to play teenagers? My thought was that it is more acceptable for male viewers to be drawn towards the actress, without being thought of as a dirty old man.

As for the portrayal of brown dudes in the movie, you overlook two men. One the father, a proud Sikh, who yet does have a sense of humor and is willing to express his frustration with his shrill wife. The other, the young man who was engaged to Jess's older sister, who overruled his mother's objections in marrying a girl from a family with a 'shameful' girl. Incidentally, Archie Punjabi, who played the older sister, played the Bangladeshi wife Alsana in the recent PBS adaptation of Zadie Smith's "White Teeth"

Posted by: KXB at June 16, 2003 02:03 PM

halo ma numesc mircea sunt din romania si vreau sa imi gasiti pe cineva sa ma casatoresc eu am 35 ani ea sa aiba pina in 30 va multumesc

Posted by: Mircea at July 28, 2003 08:50 AM