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July 13, 2003

How race is lived in ... Latino America?

It wouldn't surprise everyone that Race Divides Hispanics. Here are some interesting snips:

Latinos who described themselves as white on the 2000 Census had the highest incomes and lowest rates of unemployment and poverty, and they tended to live near communities of non-Latino whites, said the report, which analyzed Census figures nationwide. Nearly 50 percent of Latinos who filed a Census report said they were white, according to the center's report.

The 2.7 percent of Latinos who described themselves as black, most of them from the Caribbean, had lower incomes and higher rates of poverty than the other groups -- despite having a higher level of education.

Among Latinos who described themselves as "some other race," earnings and levels of poverty and unemployment fell between black and white members of their ethnic group. About 47 percent of Latinos said on Census forms that they are "some other race," according to the report.


Logan said black Hispanics are intermarrying with blacks at a rate much higher than white Hispanics with white non-Hispanics and Hispanics of some other race with any other ethnic or racial group.

Nearly half of children who are defined as black Hispanic have one parent who is black but not Hispanic. By comparison, a much smaller fraction of white Hispanic children -- 20 percent -- have a parent who is white but not Hispanic.

Hispanic children who are of some other race are the most likely of the three groups to have two parents who share that category. About 10 percent have a parent who is not Hispanic, and only 6 percent have a parent who is black Hispanic or white Hispanic.

Posted by razib at 10:03 PM

interestingly, i think that also applies to blacks. at least the ones that in know and that are very light skinned tend to be wealthy, educated, and not willing to associate with the darker version of their race and they tend to marry whites also.

Posted by: Captain Scarlet at July 14, 2003 01:45 PM

I worked for a while with a Mexican woman who had some interesting things to say on this subject. In particular, US residents of Argentine descent she met not only identified as white, they resisted identification as Latino.

In Chicago there is a very high level of intermarriage between Mexicans and Polish, because of the proximity of neighborhoods and shared Catholic faith. Stanislas Gonzalves and Rosita Lupinski are typically Chicagoan names, and the Polski Chorizo a common Chicago lunch.

Posted by: triticale at July 15, 2003 05:34 AM

The proportion of hispanics who are actually "white" under any reasonable standard is a LOT less than the 50% statistic cited by the census. Given that most hispanics in the US are of Mexican origin, and that too from the lower and middle classes, having a 50% white component is extremely unlikely. The only white hispanics I have seen are among cubans, an occasional puerto rican and among argentines. Probably no more than 15-20% of the present day American hispanic population is caucasian.

Posted by: akshay at July 16, 2003 09:23 AM

he only white hispanics I have seen are among cubans, an occasional puerto rican and among argentines. Probably no more than 15-20% of the present day American hispanic population is caucasian.

well, if the only white hispanics you have seen are the above groups, but you still state that 15-20% of the population is white that is "hispanic," you are admitting your sample is kind of weird since 15-20% of the US hispanic population is not cuban, puerto rican & argentine....

that being said, another thing with "white hispanics," because they are white, they stand out a lot less, and if they marry an anglo and take his last name, you wouldn't even know (the actress joanna kerns that played the blonde mother in growing pains was a latina and won an award as "latina actress of the year," of course, she had married an anglo, taken the name kerns, and so got a lot fewer looks).

i think the 15-20% might be an underestimate, but 50% is way too high, agreed....

Posted by: razib at July 16, 2003 06:47 PM

Well, hispanics are Europeans. Hispanics have more European descent, since we are mixed with Spain. My grandfather is German and I have Germanic blood in me. But still, most my family has Eupropean blood and are Mexicans. If you're talking about specifics, then there are two kinds: The indian origin, and the European hispanic...

Posted by: Geo at August 17, 2003 07:20 PM

In the new world (The Americas) some Hispanics learned to play both sides of the fence. Like other oppressed peoples, they did this in order to survive. When advantageous, some Hispanics will claim a racial ID that protects them. This is no different than dark skinned people and whooly haired peeople who, when pressured, ID as Arab. And, no different than when light skinned persons of African American descent attempt to pass as white. Don't be ashamed...this was done as a method of defend. No one can blame them.

Latino peoples who think they are better than their brother because they CLAIM to be of Spanish blood...you are ignorant.

Our African Ancestors ruled over Al-Andulusia (modern day Espana) for over 800 years. These Africans, and later mixed African and Arabs (Arab=African+European+Asian ancestory) mixed with the local population of Southern Europe. Thus, your beloved ancestors are also of African and Arab descent. So, get off your high horse.

Proof can be found in the culture of modern day Al-Andulusia/Espana. The Moorish strongholds in Espana were designed by the African Moors. The Spanish language is full of African and Arabic words. The folklore and songs are similar, in some cases, identical to those in North Africa.

If you don't believe what I have shared with you, go research the historical facts.

We are supposed to be worshiping god, not whiteness.


Akil Tariq

Posted by: akil tariq at September 3, 2003 10:13 PM