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August 23, 2003

Admin heads up....

Please ignore if you do not have posting privileges or you never post....

Notice of 8/23/2003 from Razib:

I have enabled the textile 2 plugin-to use it, you need to select "Textile" when you are in the entry editing field (option under "Text Formatting:(?)"). Follow the link to figure out the new tags (footnotes are done nicely now). Also, I will work on the autolink feature that everyone has been belly-aching about, I'm assuming there is already a plugin out there....

Posted by razib at 04:49 PM

razib: You can either enable HTML for comments or the autolink URLs. It's in Weblog Config->Preferences->Comment Configuration. Right now the HTML is enabled, though it wasn't a couple of days ago. You can also enable Textile for text formatting in comments.

Posted by: Zack at August 23, 2003 06:22 PM

TEXTILE enabled for comments[1].

fn1. see!

Posted by: razib at August 23, 2003 07:21 PM