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September 03, 2003

California Legislature Passes Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens

California is now one step closer to giving legal driver licenses to illegal aliens. In a near-party line vote (one Democrat voted against the bill), the Assembly passed the legislation 44-30, and Gray "Gumbi" Davis promises to sign the bill.

This bill is naked pandering to the Latino vote, and (I would think) an encouragement of voter fraud, since illegals could more easily attempt to register to vote as part of the "Motor Voter" bill. I also believe the bill is unconstitutional and illegal, since the state of California is now aiding and abetting the violation of federal law.

I can't believe that California is giving driver licenses to illegal aliens when the budget is already out of control thanks in large part to rampant illegal and unskilled immigration. California now may become an even bigger magnet for costly illegal aliens. The bill is also a major national security threat, since terrorists and criminals who are here illegally will now be able to have valid identification, making it easier for them to evade law enforcement and immigration authorities.

One of the most outrageous comments on the opposition to the bill from an assembly member (I don't remember the exact quote) was that terrorism is caused kind of "racism and bigotry" that makes people refuse to support driver licenses for "undocumented immigrants." No...terrorism is made easier by people who refuse to make a distinction between those who are here legally and those who are not, a considerable number of whom are terrorists.

Posted by bb at 10:21 AM