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September 19, 2003

Snapshots of life

Yesterday I went to play basketball with a friend. He was a bit late, so as I waited by the courts I noted the approach of 3 individuals:

1-Small blonde girl, circa 3 years of age
2-Pregnant woman with a head-scarf, likely her mother
3-A male trailing them, long beard, "pajama"-like clothes that seemed more appropriate in a madrassa than a 70-degree clear late summer Imbler day

I thought the guy looked kind of like John Walker Lindh, pasty faced eager convert, and as I listened to him speak his speech patterns seemed to be of someone of upper-middle-class background (words used, accent, etc.). I wasn't sure if he was Muslim or a faux-Muslim New Agey type that is endemic to the small town I live in. The woman wearing the head-scarf didn't speak with a Slavic accent, and seemed likely to be a Muslim convert by the shitty way she was trying to be "modest" (I didn't judge her outfit shapeless and unsexed enough-but she's a convert, I'll give her some kufir slack).

So I listened closely, just to see if these really were Muslims, and lo & behold, this is what I heard:

Guy: They're trying to railroad Saudi Arabia!
Girl: Why?
Guy: The Americans are trying to say that they're using Muslim charities to funnel money to terrorists!
Girl: Oh! Is that true?
Guy: Of course not! Ali worked for one of the ones targeted in San Francisco, he's a good Muslim.

And so forth. I almost started laughing, I couldn't really believe it, two Muslim converts, and they're talking about how the Americans are screwing the Saudis! This was in a public place and they weren't being quiet about it. I almost recited the shahada to see if the pink-faced convert would run off out of some deep-seated kufir reflex.

Posted by razib at 11:38 PM

what a funny little eavesdropping bigot you are

Posted by: fredrik at September 20, 2003 12:21 PM

why didn't you throw the ball at him and say, 'brother let's play some b-ball'?

Posted by: diana at September 20, 2003 12:53 PM

Was the woman hot (as far as you could tell with the veil and all)? I am wondering if she partly turned to Islam b/c American society was not as kind to her.

Some of the White converts to Islam seem to feel extremely marginalized:

I have been largely unsuccesfully searching for info on James Yee other than that he's he's Chinese and West Point Grad:

Chinese and in West Point seems like an unlikely combo for converting to Islam.

Posted by: R at September 20, 2003 04:41 PM

R- the scary thing about the "blue-eyed emir" is not that he converted, not that he was obviously stupid "I converted because allah protected me as I stupidly sped through a red light 14 times" (paraphrase), the scary thing is that the imam accepted that as a proof of faith. It's just too bad some driver didn't mistake his brake pedal for his accelerator, it would solve everyone's problem.

Posted by: scott at September 20, 2003 09:15 PM

That red light story is in a Rolling Stones song about radio Christians: "Girl with the faraway eyes".

Posted by: zizka at September 22, 2003 07:37 PM