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September 25, 2003

Green but worth a read

Ikram Saeed recommended Muslim Under Progress some time ago-but I haven't read it much until recently. Check it out, it is sane and green, a rare thing in my opinion (sorry Zack, I view you as a Muslim anomaly, outside of history ;) A recent post titled Some notes on secularism, secularisation and Islam: I begins a series that I will be keeping a close eye on, as a liberal (old school yo) I am interested in this topic, because we can not wish away 1 billion Muslims and they can not expect the universal Dar-al-Islam anytime soon (unless broadly interpreted as a pluralistic confederation of civilizations).

Posted by razib at 06:19 PM

Muslims Under Progress usually have good posts on religion. They generally have a lot of theological and philosophical arguments. Very potent stuff.

sorry Zack, I view you as a Muslim anomaly, outside of history ;)

What do you mean by outside of history, Razib?

Posted by: Zack at September 25, 2003 07:52 PM

you're an oddball. just like averroes.

Posted by: razib at September 25, 2003 08:24 PM

Some of Thebit's best stuff is a bit older. I don't think he imported it from his underprogress.blogspot.com address. Worth perusing.

Posted by: Ikram Saeed at September 26, 2003 02:37 PM

Comparison to Averroes, nice!

Posted by: Zack at September 27, 2003 07:37 AM