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September 30, 2003

New Mx script/data library made available

For those interested in behavior genetic modeling, there is now on online Mx scripts library, with practice data!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the the e-mail I received:

The site is on air since sept 1st 2003 and now contains around
70 mx scripts that can be downloaded with an example datafile so the user
can fiddle around with the script before modifying it to run on ones own

There are scripts for continuous/categorical datasets, uni- or
multivariate, linkage analyses, association analyses, longitudinal data,
extended kinships, sex limitation models etc. We are frequently
contributing scripts and others are wellcome to contribute scripts as well.
The library also includes a section containing tips on how to use Mx.

We advise people to register, because then you will receive e-mail alerts
on updates. Feel free to download and use the scripts.

Posted by A. Beaujean at 08:19 AM