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October 03, 2003

One building?

Titled The Meltingest Pot, this story in The New York Times Magazine should be novelized. As it is, there is a forthcoming book. The key to note is that the balanced pluralism seems to prevent ethnic rivalry, since they are all small fish in a small pond.

Godless comments:

I'm reminded of a particularly apposite Onion article:

UNITED NATIONS—In a bold gambit hoped to resolve dozens of conflicts around the world, the U.N. announced Monday the establishment of Ethniklashistan, a multinational haven in the West Bank that will serve as a new homeland for Irish Protestants, Hutus, Serbs, and other troubled groups.


Though hopes are high for Ethniklashistan—a name created by a team of linguists who combined 17 different languages' words for "sanctuary"—the establishment of the new homeland has proven rocky. Of the more than 500,000 people relocated there so far, approximately 97 percent have responded with violent resistance, swearing oaths of eternal vengeance against U.N. volunteers conducting the forced relocations.

Bloodshed also marred the "Festival Of Human Brotherhood," a weeklong, nationwide event celebrating the founding of Ethniklashistan. On Monday, 11 people were killed in a skirmish between Basques and Sikhs near Nablus. The same day, six were killed and dozens injured on the streets of Bethlehem when Somalis and Greek Cypriots exchanged gunfire and grenades.

I don't know what the statistical profile of the neighborhood is, and I always get suspicious when I read Times articles without hard numbers. Poverty is one thing - one expects new immigrants to be poor (sometimes even if they're educated) - but high crime rates are quite another...

Posted by razib at 07:46 PM