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November 20, 2003

Heritability, IQ, SES, etc.

A while back, there were some posts on the SES moderation of IQ heritability.

The study is finally available to the public.

Except for the point that they used youngr kiddo-s, (which tend to have a lower heritability), there is nothing terribly exciting. The main point is that as the environment becomes more unstable, the heritability decreases.

I liken the scenario to that of drag racing a Porsche and a Yugo. If the road (i.e., environment) is smooth and unadulterated for both vehicles, the inherent qualities of the cars are going to (mostly) determine the variance in outcomes(i.e., finishing times). But, as the road becomes filled with potholes and debris is scattered about, the variance in outcomes, necessarily, loads higher on an environmental factor. This does not mean that the inherent qualities of the cars are any less important, but just that lack of road stability becomes more cogent in affecting outcomes.

Posted by A. Beaujean at 01:15 PM