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December 02, 2003

If you are single....

Portly Popular in Portland, San Fran Likes Smarts, says a survey of Match.com. Some surprises (or not so surprising for some):

...Match.com surveys have consistently shown that gentlemen actually prefer women with light brown hair. Blond hair and dark brown hair tie dead even for second place.
And for what it is worth, the composite of the ideal woman, is a flirtatious, thrill-seeker with an average build, long, light brown hair and a college degree, who doesn't smoke, does drink socially and enjoys public displays of affection.

Women seem to want pretty much the same: a bold, assertive, flirtatious, non-smoking social drinker who has dark brown hair, an average body and a college degree -- who likes to dance.

Posted by razib at 06:43 PM