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December 07, 2003

Standing athwart moral decay

A guest blogger at Muslim Under Progress criticizes the Muslim community's trend to the Left, noting that on moral issues it is the Right that shares values with Muslims. There is a special focus on the issue of gays.

  • This sort of post from someone that is quite obviously not a fundamentalist should convince homosexuals (and others on the cultural Left) of the folly of multiculturalism. New immigrants will not be allies in the quest for individual liberation.
  • The poster wonders if incest will be accepted in a generation. I might respond that conservative Christians see in Muslims a culture that promotes and accepts incest already. They might not call it incest, but homosexuals don't call their behavior "sin" either.
  • Homosexuality might be an issue where Muslims and conservative Christians can make common cause. But there are plenty of differences. Conservative Christians in the United States for instance have no nostalgia for slavery or polygamy, and no matter what the moderates say, these issues are not resolved in the context of Muslim culture, rather, it is the hand of Westernization that is making them unacceptable. In fact, conservatives often assert that polygamy is the next step after homosexual marriage is accepted.
  • Also, though Muslims might take a dim view of homosexual practice (my parents think they should be killed, moderates that they are), it seems to me that the sexual puritanism of Muslim culture promotes homosexual activity to some extent in the same fashion that enforced gender segregation in prison gives rise to that sort of behavior. Of course temporary marriage is a "practical" way to allow men to have sexual "outlets."
  • The above link mentions that sexual instincts are very strong. So you have practices which conservative Christians would say is licentious in Islam, temporary marriage and polygamy, that are concessions to human nature. What if there is more definitive evidence that homosexuality is biologically rooted? What sort of practical accommodations will Muslims make?
My main general point is that I find Muslim Under Progress a fascinating blog, as it shares enough axioms with the Westernized mindset that you can understand what they are trying to talk about. Fatwa Online as a contrast is about as comprehensible to me as the canonical debates about the number of angels on the head of a pin-they might be seem important in the context of a certain world-view, but are ridiculous if you step outside out of it. Nevertheless, the chasm in outlooks is still evident. In this post, the author talks about incest, obviously meaning brother-sister or parent-child variety, but if you looked at it from the perspective of a Westerner, a north Indian Hindu or a Korean, Muslims tend to condone incest in most of their cultures. I found Thebit's Islamic Human Rights series interesting, but it also scared the shit out of me, because frankly from where I stand many Muslim thinkers are pretty scary on this issue and I wonder if the likes of Thebit have much influence on the rank-and-file.

Traditional Judaism, whether it be the rabbinical kind or the revisionist mysticism/cultism around Hasidism, is not appropriate for a modern society (Israel needs tax-paying secular and more conventionally religious Jews to support their wacko pre-modern segment of society). I'm sorry, but most forms of "modernist" Islam aren't suitable either. We don't need people to chip away at this idol, I pray that some Muslims will start taking the hammer straight at the foundations....

Posted by razib at 09:48 PM