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December 09, 2003

Who is the fairest of them all?

Before I settled into my obstinate agnosticism about what "look" was optimal for the idealized human female, I once had a dispute with godless about the blonde vs. Asian attractiveness issue. This was back in the spring of 2002 when we had our own blogs. In any case, I found this site (a porn version of Amazon.com). It has the 50 most requested porn stars of all time and 25 most requested porn stars of the week (in the context of that site & its likely mostly American client base). It is a list that is somewhat "top heavy" with the bottle-blonde-bimbo look. On the other hand, the top request is the Eurasian Tera Patrick (Thai and English), and a few Asian and Eurasian actresses are always on the list (Jenna Jameson is a surprising #2). Additionally, there were quite a few more brunettes that I was expecting. Unlike lists compiled by celebrity magazines of the "most beautiful" people in the world, where politics plays a big role, this list as all about the shortest path between A & B....

Update: Matthew Yglesias is talking about porn too.

Update II: One main dispute in the thread spawned by this post has been how ubiquitous porn is in the lives of the male gender. "R" points us to this article in CNN that offers:

...Nielsen/NetRatings, which estimated that 34 million visited porn sites in August -- about one in four Internet users in the United States.

The average user is "looking at 121 pages, going back six times and spending an hour and seven minutes every month looking at adult-related material," Kaldor said.

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