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December 11, 2003

As the Franks do....

Religious attire is a big deal in France now. Here is the deal:

France has a super-high barrier of separation between Church and State, and public displays of religiosity are generally frowned upon and sometimes legally proscribed (though there are exceptions, read the articles linked above).

Here are some more details that are adding fuel to the fire:

  • Some French Muslim men are refusing their wives to be treated by female doctors
  • Some French Muslims want public pools segregated so that men and women swim during different times
  • Some French Muslim males refuse to take oral exams from female teachers
  • etc. etc. etc.

But, many (most?) French "Muslims" are as secular as French "Catholics." Many women of Muslim origin are agitating against the social acceptability of Old Country norms. Some French feminists, such as the notoriously sluttish Catherine Millet, are also speaking up. To add some star power Isabelle Adjani, whose father is Algerian-Turkish, also has backed the militant secularism of the French state.

Fact: 5-10% of French are of Muslim origins. They are also grossly underpresented in civic life. Additionally, they tend be of lower skill set and educational qualifications.

Fact: Many French, perhaps up to 50%, are the descendents of immigrants from other Catholic European countries (pre-1800 French are "Root French").

Jim Woodhill likes to speak of unleashing "Weapons of Cultural Mass Destruction." Well, it seems that the "depilated pudenda's" of Western women are not destroying the medieval values of some Muslims....

God(s) have mercy upon the French, because their own Muslims won't....

Posted by razib at 11:17 PM