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December 16, 2003

Papists, Protestants & propoganda

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that American culture, influenced by Protestant propoganda, has unfairly painted the Roman Catholic Church as an enemy of science & progress. Even anti-religious secuarlists like Richard Dawkins use the Church as their special foil, the relic of a demon haunted age.

On the other hand, there are essays like this which just as propogandistically argue that Catholicism is the more "progressive" faith & culture in the light of a broad classical liberalism. Bill Allison's response is close to what I would say. In Triumph : The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, a 2,000-Year History by H.W. Crocker III (a convert to Catholicism) there is a running argument that Protestantism destroyed a cosmopolitan European medieval culture, and arrested the development of genuine liberalism. Liberalism's stronger hold in traditionally Protestant cultures does not seem to faze the author.

When you have the One True Faith, who needs facts?

Posted by razib at 05:48 PM