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December 18, 2003

The Invincible 100

Here are the results for the question about how you guys found GNXP:
Search engine/9%/11
A blogroll (a permanent link from a blog)/24%/29
A blog link (a link in an entry of a blog)/43%/51
An article on a web site/3%/4
Email forward of a link to an entry/0%/0
Friend mentioned your blog/7%/9
One of your old blogs (before Gene Expression)/10%/12

I should note that all of the polls I've done so far tend to max out at around 100-125 respondents. Before google boosted our ranking we were getting around 500 users a day visiting. In addition to the various number of people who comment, I suspect that GNXP's "core" readership is somewhat above 100, but not too much further than that. Right now we are getting well over 1,000 (sometimes around 2,000) unique users a day. Just as power laws apply to the traffic of blogs, they obviously apply to readers of blogs, a tiny minority of readers makes most of the comments and probably contributes a majority of the hits. After blogging for about 1.5 years I have to say I have learned a lot. In some ways I was blogging ever since I was a child internally, but now I have some feedback on a lot of the ideas. Thanks for that.

By the way, I'm thinking of starting a quarterly (every 3 months) webzine spun-off of GNXP. What do readers think of that? I wonder if there is much room for another zine out there. Can you think of sites like GNXP? I want to see what's out there before proceeding.

Posted by razib at 01:36 PM