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December 29, 2003

Pretty baby all mixed up....

Follow-up to my entry on mixed-race people in fashion & entertainment, I noticed today that the this year's winner of "Cutest Baby" for BabyTalk magazine was a girl with bright blue eyes, frizzy brown hair and tawny skin. It seems highly likely that the baby was of mixed African and European heritage. They showed the four runner ups, and three of them pretty much conformed to the "P & G" look, while another was a little Gujarati kid (his last name was "Desai"). They culled these kids from 100,000 pictures submitted.

P.S. no, I'm not a regular reader of BabyTalk, but note-to-self, I did notice the cover picture more since it was a somewhat-"black"-looking-baby with blue eyes instead of the typical "P & G" infant. Next up: genetically engineered kids with pink hair, they'll make a cute accessory for a yuppy of circa 2030.

Posted by razib at 05:31 PM