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January 13, 2004

Conservatives & Playboy have won the culture wars!

I simply have to keep ragging on that stupid article, Were Not Losing the Culture Wars Anymore, because I think it drags City Journal's rep down. Here is an NRO piece defending (sort of) Playboy because it's the best of the worst. Here is the funniest part:

By the way, to proper feminists who ask how I can work for a magazine that exploits women, my answer is always, go write for a women's magazine before you talk to me about exploited women.

Lured by the prospect of what, ludicrously, always seems like easy money, I have occasionally over the years done just that. But after endless, snippy, sorority slambook-style negotiations "And FYI, the editor said, why does she think she should get that much?" and torturous rewriting until the correct women's mag tone (perky, smarmy, know-it-all, generic) is achieved, that fatally tempting $2 a word shrinks to something like $2 an hour.

At Penthouse, on the other hand, the drill always went like this: Accept advance, turn in article, hear back from editor within hours about how much he liked it, collect $6,000.

So, you know, I can live with my prose being surrounded by close-ups of some girl's rectum. But that's Penthouse. Anyone who calls Playboy pornography at this point is being willfully nave.

Defining deviancy downward anyone? You know the military does not consider Playboy smut either.

Posted by razib at 10:32 AM