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January 22, 2004

Jews of Uganda & Irshad Manji

Article on the Jews of Uganda. There are Jews in strange places, for instance, in the northeast Indian state of Mizoram.

On a Uganda related note, I read a bit of Irshad Manji's book The Trouble With Islam (here is her official website). I found her explicit and unapologetic anti-anti-Semitism refreshing. On the other hand, she starts off by talking about her family's origins in Uganda as part of the Indian (Gujarati) community, but presents it in a way that will confuse those out of the know. She says that Idi Amin expelled all the Muslims from Uganda, not notifying the reader that many of the Indians in Uganda were Hindu, and that Idi Amin was a Muslim, so the expulsion was not religous, but ethnic. Not a big deal, but if you go into controversial waters, you better dot your i's.

Also, Abiola blogs about the same topic, and states the obvious, if Jews worry about demographic collapse as a confession, why not accept ethusiastic converts? Well, because like the Parsis, modern Jews are to some extent a people, a nation, and ties of blood are a factor in this.

Update: You can listen to Manji being interviewed here. She speaks a lot of good sense, but I'm skeptical that Muslims in the West are going to listen to a lesbian.

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