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January 22, 2004

Over in Europe....

A few summers ago GNXP had a friendly exchange with the Brit-libertarians over @ Samizdata. Perry de Havilland expressed the opinion that race relations are better in the UK than in the United States. Perry, being a hard-core libertarian, is not of the "but it's better in Europe" school, so I paid attention to him. It seems many Brits and Anglo-philes have this idea (my Queen's-English babbling roommate from Singapore would express the same opinion).

Well, what to make of this:

Four out of 10 whites do not want black neighbour, poll shows. This in a nation that is ~5% non-white ("black" includes South Asians in the UK)!

The story makes the point that the racialist feelings are concentrated among the older generations and the working class. Nontheless, the United States is a nation where 1/4 of the population is what Canadians would call "visible minorities," and I suspect that there is less segregationist feeling (explicitly at least-thanks to PC) than over the on the other side of the pond.

Posted by razib at 06:36 PM