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January 30, 2004

Asian phylogenies

Godless' previous post brought up some questions/assertions about the genetic heritage of East/Southeast Asians. Here a few relevant articles in PubMed.

Mitochondrial DNA diversity in Southeast Asian populations

The Emerging Limbs and Twigs of the East Asian mtDNA Tree.

Phylogeographic Differentiation of Mitochondrial DNA in Han Chinese.

Y chromosomal DNA variation in east Asian populations and its potential for inferring the peopling of Korea.

Three major lineages of Asian Y chromosomes: implications for the peopling of east and southeast Asia.

Much more in the "related articles" function of PubMed.

Personally, I believe that recent social norms are important in the development of skills and predispositions suited to a modern economy, the "northern" Han and the "southern" Han (assuming they are two disparate groups) have both gone through governance by the "Mandarinate" for about the same time period (the later sinicization of the south is compensated by the dominance of barbarians in north China for long periods). Phylogenetic relationships determined through studies of neutral genes might be less important than we might presume. A comparison of the g of Cantonese with Outer Mongolians might be used to test this hypothesis.

Posted by razib at 02:30 PM