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February 02, 2004

Broken record-who won the culture wars?

I assume most readers saw the Janet Jackson nipple slip. Justin Timberlake, late lover of quasi-virgin Britney Spears, who used to throw out "What would Jesus Do" bracelets at concerts with his bandmates back in the late 90s, thrust and strutted across the stage, and revealed Ms. Jackson's breast to one of the largest viewerships (the largest?) of the year! So who won the culture wars Mr. Anderson?

I'm harping on this because there seems to be a tendency toward false consciousness on the part of some sunny "conservatives." They lose battle after battle and declare victory in the war by ceding 90% of the territory. These are the very kind of sunny conservatives who are most often the boosters of the Iraq War, and the there-are-WMDs-if-you-look-hard-enough, school (just have faith brother!). They are also the types that are most prominent in (rightly) lambasting the bizarro theories about Israel, the West and "the Jews" that come out of the Arab world. No matter what happens, no matter how many young Arab men blow themselves up, it is the fault of the Jews, the Arabs are blameless, it was Mossad robots designed to look like Arabs.

I suspect that as a function of time "nipple slips" have been sharply increasing in our culture. This is caused by the scant dress and the tendency to thrust and gyrate in public. Never mind, conservatives have won the culture war! Better a nipple or a butt cleft than a priapus or pudenda, at least until the next loss in battle that leads to the victory in war.

Posted by razib at 02:50 PM