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February 06, 2004

What principles? These principles!

There are reasons that conservatives like Joseph Farah are turning against Bush. The Washington Times reports that Republican lawmakers are enraged at Bush over spending & immigration. Bush responded:

Mr. Duffy said the president delivered a passionate defense of his immigration plan, telling the Republican caucus that his policy is not a political ploy.
"He said he didn't do it for politics [but] because that's what he believes is good for the country," Mr. Duffy said, adding that Mr. Bush drove his point home by saying, "I'm from Texas and I know this issue."

Look, I know Bush is a politician. He's not going to satisfy everyone. He'll withdraw from the national ATM more than the libertarians want him to. He'll allow more babies/fetuses to be sliced & vacuumed than the pro-lifers would like. He'll do less world conquering than the neocons want him to. He'll stand up for the rights of the "root stock" (*wink*) far less than the paleocons want. That's politics-dirty rotten compromise. But above, Bush is telling you where he'll make a principled, anti-political stand. It's all rather bizarre to me-and I don't have any pigeon-hole to place GW in at this point. The citizens of Mexico are decent human beings who deserve a decent government and responsive politicians. I would just rather not have GW Bush step in and play that role for them.

Posted by razib at 03:15 AM