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February 09, 2004

Does Size Matter?

Nicholas Eberstadt has an article in February/March Policy Review, Power and Poulation in Asia.

How much are relative population size changes going to affect power balances? Here are some fun facts from the article:

By 2025 China's population will grow to 1.4 billion. India's will reach 1.3 billion. In 1975 this was 930 million versus 620 million.

Vietnam will have a population of 105 million, while Thailand will be at 74 million. In 1975 this was 48 million versus 41 million.

Japan will have a population of 123 million, while the ROK will have a population of 50 million. In 1975 this was 111 million versus 35 million. Including North Korea (in the case of unification) pushes Korea's population numbers up to 75 million for 2025.

Russia will have a population of 124 million while Pakistan will be at 250 million. In 1975 Russia was at 134 million while Pakistan was at 70 million.

(The article is not really in its final form. There may be some charts added in the next couple of days. It is not technically posted to the internet yet, given that they have no links to it on the front page.)

Posted by Thrasymachus at 04:33 PM