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February 11, 2004

The Network is fill-in-the-blank

P2P, distributed compting, etc. etc. You've heard all the buzzwords.

Check out this Slashdot thread on Wi-Fi becoming a commodity. The funny thing is, it's become a commodity before it ever became a value-added premium service (my girlfriend's office has 3 open Wi-Fi signals, 2 from neighbors). Read it in concert with Microcontent News and their enthusing about the "living, breathing," blogosphere.

In 1994 the internet was going to revolutionize computing, and information distribution. It did. But ten years on things are really cranking up as data-fountains are no longer fixed to a desk on an office somewhere, but infesting public space and gushing out information as you sip your coffee. If anything, coffee-shop bullshitters can have their asses fact-checked.

Tick-tock, the google data port will soon come a knockin'.

Posted by razib at 02:21 AM