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February 11, 2004

Protecting the Purity of Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Got this from Jerry Pournelle.

Check out this quote from a book review of Evolutionary Psychology and Violence.

Roger Masters, a political scientist ably practicing evolutionary psychology since long before it had that name, contributes the second chapter. Although it seems out of place in this book-it has little directly to do with evolution or its consequences-it is potentially very important. He summarizes evidence that when silicon fluoride is added to drinking water it enhances the body’s uptake of lead, “a neurotoxin that lowers dopaminergic function in the inhibitory circuits of the basal ganglia,” [p. 43] and that this effect increases rates of violent crime where water is so treated. SiF also increases manganese content of water, and the two elements (lead and manganese) interact to produce a more than additive effect on crime. Masters reasonably concludes “that a moratorium on the use of SiF in public water supplies would be a relatively low-cost policy capable of lowering rates of substance abuse and violent crime.” [p. 49] The epidemiological analyses are very challenging and no doubt subject to criticism, but at a minimum, this possibility deserves further study.
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