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February 11, 2004

Children of the Yellow Emperor

As China rises back to its traditional "Great Power" status, it seems plausible that one possible pathway of ascent might be a racial-nationalism similar to 19th & early 20th century Europe. Well...here is a reality check:

Lumping together all regional Han mtDNA pools into one fictive general mtDNA pool or choosing one or two regional Han populations to represent all Han Chinese is inappropriate for prehistoric considerations as well as for forensic purposes or medical disease studies.

Update: If the Chinese do not have a preoccupation with their own racial mythology, that they do is not only my own delusion: Nationalist myth-making-The construction of the Chinese race:

...In the reformers’ symbolic network of racialized others, the dominating “white” and “yellow races” were opposed to the “darker races,” the latter doomed to racial extinction by hereditary inadequacy....
Similar to the first decades of this century, moreover, the multiplication of regional identities and the emergence of cultural diversity could prompt a number of political figures to appeal to racialized senses of belonging in order to supercede internal divisions.

A classless volk/ren cometh....

Posted by razib at 09:24 PM