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February 13, 2004

The Passion, indicators of box-office success?

The local art-house movie theater is selling advance tickets for The Passion.

This, in a town where the local bookstore does not carry Christianity Today or Christian Century, but does carry every obscure magazine about Buddhism. A town that supports 3 Jewish temples (18,000 people total). A town in the most secular state in the union. A town where I would hazard to guess that Dennis Kucinich could get 1/3 the vote.

If Hollywood is all about the band-wagon effect, let's see after The Passion starts raking in it.

P.S. I saw the trailer before watching House of Sand and Fog, it was pretty good. No matter the theological and historical inaccuracies (yes Dienekes, they should be speaking some Greek), it seems like it has enough verisimilitude to carry you to a different time and place.

Posted by razib at 09:50 PM