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February 18, 2004

Sex with teacher

The impending UC ban on profs dating students is an interesting examination of the concurrent strands in American political & social thought. There seem to be four proponents of this ban:

  • Risk averse administators.

  • Meritocrats intent on curbing favoritism.

  • Feminists concerned with potentional for sexual harassment.

  • Social conservatives who distrust the corrupting professoriat.

With the exclusion of the work-place from the courtship-zone, the atomization of single mobile professional life, the weakening bonds of family and the ever increasing expectations game, it is no wonder that internet dating and other forms of contrived but seemingly necessary forms of social intercourse have arisen to fill the vacuum. On a mildly related note, how bitchy a woman is to other women might be related to her cycle.

Posted by razib at 01:56 PM