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February 20, 2004

Quantitating liberalism

In a previous thread Randy M. noted that Islam is more variegated than I might have implied. He notes: "Other variants are merely repressively conservative, following traditional conservative repression models. And others are positively liberal." Godless responds: "Find me a mosque that preaches tolerance for homosexuals." So I went back to last year's survey from Pew and did a control-f for "homosexuality."

The Muslim country with the highest tolerance of homosexuality seems to be Turkey. 22% of Turks surveyed agreed that society should accept homosexuality. Lebanon is close with 21%, but with a 30% Christian minority, I don't know if it qualifies as "Muslim." Interestingly, the lowest cluster of homo-acceptance seems to be a group of west and east African countries, though down under in Angola & South Africa they are mildly pro-homo (South Africa has relatively liberal legislation when it comes to homosexuality from what I gather)....

My major point is that you can find pro-life atheists, but the vast majority of atheists accept the legalization of at least first trimester abortions-there is no point in pretending as if pro-life atheists are major players in the pro-life movement or that they are very prominent in the secular movements around the world. What passes for "liberal" in the Muslim world is a thin gruel indeed (allowing some level of proselytization of other religions such as in Indonesia-the liberal Islamic country where Pew indicates 93% of the population does not think homosexuality should be accepted by society). The more important question: what are the attitudes of Muslims who live in the West?

Posted by razib at 04:41 PM