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February 21, 2004

Art- The Abstinence of the Right

Has the Right's role in the world of art been reduced simply to one of criticism? I don't recall a Leftist furor over art presented by an artist on the ideological Right.

Consider the Left's provocation with these recent incidents. Artist Chris Reddy is furious that his art was subjected to the fascist tool of censorship. A glorification of Hanadi Jaradat, the female lawyer who blew herself up in the Haifa. Or Irwin Oostindie's tribute to the Great Leader and his happy & smiling citizens. Angua over Tacitus wondered how Mr. Oostindie could dispute the facts on the situation in North Korea.

Through what filters do these artists see the world? I'll ask the same question as Angua, which is, without slagging the artist, what could they possibly be thinking? Is there such a disconnect going on here that reality as seen by the ideological opponents is itself in dispute?

Keep in mind that most likely, there can be insult added to the injury, if these artists were funded by their respective taxpayers. Are those people with Conservative or Libertarian ideologies just less likely to engage in art as a career? Has art as a means of cultural communication been forfeited to the Left? Has the rally cry for abstinence now infected the realm of art?

Posted by TangoMan at 08:45 PM