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February 27, 2004

They so horny?

Was watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central and Samantha Bee put together a segment titled "They so horny" about the dearth of Asian American men in porn. One of the funniest parts was when she interviewed a professor of Asian American Studies who has published academic articles on this topic. Darrell Hamamoto (professor of Asian American Studies at UC Davis) took himself rather seriously-great material for a mockumentary. Hamamoto explained that he noted that of the hundreds of men in The World's Biggest Gangbang none were of Asian origin. His solution? He produced his own Asian American porn, "Skin to Skin." Here is an article about the professor and his body of work, and another piece in Salon.

"They so horny" should show up in the Samantha Bee video archive at some point in the near future-watch for it!

Posted by razib at 12:00 AM