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February 27, 2004

Wing dogs & relative fitness?

1) Coors has a new commercial about the "Wing Dog," basically, the canine that butters the hot chicks up so that they will pay attention to some normal looking guy.

2) I'm thinking of going down the street and talking to a neighbor because I suspect that the 12 hours a day our cat is "outside," much of that time is spent in this house, and I would like to confirm my hunch.

I have been wondering if pets serve as crucial social lubricants in dense living. Let me elaborate: no matter how butt ugly you are, if you have a cute dog, chicks might actually treat you in a civil manner in public. Once a chick gets to know you, well, then it's all in your court. The dog can be a butt ugly guy's "in," as far as the mating game goes.

Cats, now these creatures do not recognize conventional neighborhood boundaries. Their very existence trangresses property lines and often neighbors might have to meet and discuss cat-related issues. Of course, we all know that cat owners have a special bond of understanding that serves as a medium between those who are often likely to be introverted in any case.

My point: who cares about herding sheep and killing mice, domestic pets serve as crucial intersects in a world of strangers, where laughing at doggish crotch-sniffing or monitoring the movements of a narcissistic feline can act as points of protonation from which social intercourse blossoms.

Posted by razib at 02:58 PM