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March 04, 2004

Chappelle's Show

This Slate piece on Chappelle's Show is hilarious, trying to high-brow analyze pretty straight-forward sketch comedy.

I don't watch the show often enough, but my favorite one so far is when Dave & John Mayer expose whites, blacks and Latinos to musical stimuli to document how they react. The schtick is pretty predictable, whites go crazy for guitar music, blacks get down to hard-core drum beats while Latinos like weird ass instruments with "Spanish jibberish." But the funniest part was when Dave & John were stopped by some cops, at which point John starts playing some Guns & Roses (or some other "power ballad" group) to soothe the piggish beast, and his black partner starts grooving. Dave is like, "Man, how do you know this stuff?" The black cop, still grooving along, looks at Dave and replies, "I grew up in the suburbs, I can't help it."

Posted by razib at 02:19 PM