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March 08, 2004

Administrative Alert!

My webhost says that the scripts are crashing their servers again. This is more than MT, I've added a lot of PHP/MySQL scripts to do the commenting features.

My options are to

1) switch webhosts
2) switch blogging apps

I don't know if #2 will do it, since this site just gets too many hits at this point. As for #1, I'm not too excited about taking a on a non-trivial monthly cost to something that's basically a hobby. I'll have to talk to my fellow co-bloggers about this.

Until I figure out what to do, I'm shutting off new posts for the next few days. I'm on vacation out-of-town so I don't except a resolution or update until Wed. the 10th.

If you are a GNXP blogger, feel free to email me, but I'll be checking email once-a-day, max, so I might not respond.

If readers want to email me for some reason (since you can't comment any longer), razibk-at-gnxp.com will do....


Posted by razib at 02:35 PM