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March 10, 2004

OK, back...for now


OK-so we're back, for now. I'm mulling over what needs to be done to keep this blog going. I've installed haloscan comments. I don't know if I'll keep them indefinately, but they will take the load off my webhost's servers.

When I say "back," I mean back literally, I was off to San Francisco for a short vacation, and it sucked as far as free Wi-Fi is concerned. Of course, I'm spoiled, I live in a small town where Wi-Fi is so ubiquitous that Starbucks doesn't see the point in charging for a T-Mobile HotSpot (especially since there are free spots up and down the street).

While away I read Prehistory of the Mind (thanks Abiola). It got me to think I've never really read a good introductory psychology textbook, all my knowledge about the field is a byproduct of my interest in biology and other social sciences. Any recommendations?

Please read on if you are:

1) a blogger here
2) a very interested and long time reader

OK, so what's up with my webhost? Well...the problem is that I wrote a lot of db connections (pooled!) into the front page to get information about the commenting system. I know of ways to fix this, but I've crashed the webhost server too many times for the admin to have patience with my "tests." Previous, there had been problems with the mt.cgi script rebuilding all the archives (as I've noted). Previous, there had been problems with the mt-comments.cgi script-ergo, I'd done my own PHP hack.

A dedicated server seems too expensive to justify right now. But, I could probably find another webhost willing to tinker and play, and with the stuff I've learned about MT's scalability issues, there will be fewer goof-ups (and frankly, I didn't write the original commenting system for this many readers!). I also don't want any GNXP bloggers or readers to host the site on their own box-it will be too much of a headache in my opinion, and I don't know if it's wise to do it with a group blog where so many people have inputs & stakes.

Here are some options

1) Pledge drive
2) Blogads
3) GNXP friends & bloggers pooling

Ultimately, I don't think a different webhosting option will not be too expensive. From where I stand, I think #1 could keep the blog going for 6 months alone if the yield is good (I suspect it will be OK). So at this point, I'd like to avoid #2, since it seems present a possible constant annoyance.

Those are my current thoughts-I might post an administrative addendum in the near future.

Note for bloggers: I'm going to cut down the size of front page posts when they seem way bigger than a 768 vertical pixel screen can support. My own screen is bigger, but that's probably the median of our readers. I'll just re-edit and put the longish parts int the extended entry. So to prevent this, just re-edit accordingly.

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