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April 06, 2004

Tacking to get where you need to go

My politics are kind of orthogonal to the main axis of American politics as it currently seems to orient itself (the "line of best fit" so to speak). Small government, laissez faire social policy, a non-adventurous foreign policy as well as an animus toward "multiculturalism," nothing special, but I feel kind of left out in the current climate (I am kind of apathetic to the whole "Iraq situation").

In any case, the reason I'm posting on this political topic is that I'm seeing ads on TV about Pat Toomey (I'm in Pennsylvania right now, and Toomey is trying to knock off Arlen Specter as the Republican nominee for the Senate). Toomey is a "movement conservative," and I saw him speak at a CATO event on the "Social Security Crisis" last year. He is an easy target for Arlen Specter, because he's principled, and it's easy to caricature his votes because they aren't always guided by how it might be framed in a 30-second advertisement. Now, my politics aren't Toomey's politics, but, he has principles, and he's an "extremist." I like extremists, because they often attempt to affect some change to the status quo. So, for me, that means hoping that radicals like Toomey unseat the moderates in their party like Arlen Specter, or, from conversely, a Leftist pro-civil liberties & pro-drug legalization Democrat against a more moderate candidate.

Some might wonder if this is might not be a prescription for gridlock? Well, yes, it might be just that....

Posted by razib at 09:14 PM